Romeo and Juliet

(An orchestral concert of the complete, poignant,

and unforgettable ballet score!)


Prokofiev was not keen to write a ballet on the subject of Romeo & Juliet, but the audacious, groundbreaking score he composed was unlike anything Russian choreographers had ever encountered before. And they rejected it, pronouncing it ‘unsuitable for dancing.’ The dancers, confused by the music so radically different from their beloved Tchaikovsky, struggled to learn the rhythmic subtleties of the score. Rehearsals didn’t go well, and there was talk of canceling the premiere. When it finally took place at the Kirov Theater on January 11, 1940, the work was—to the amazement of the dancers, musicians, choreographer and composer—an enormous and enduring success! Romeo & Juliet quickly established itself as one of Prokofiev’s supreme achievements. Now, after 80 years, the score is a mainstay, not only of the world’s ballet stages, but of its concert halls as well, and is considered one of the most expressive and moving works of the 20th century. It is, at once passionate, witty, beautiful and visceral. If you’ve never heard this score, you don’t really know all that you can know about Romeo and Juliet!



Saturday, September 16, 2017 at 7:00

Sunday, September 17, 2017 at 4:00


The First Presbyterian Church of Monroe

142 Stage Road, Monroe, NY


featuring the


Conducted by Ron De Fesi


This is a FREE CONCERT, but suggested donations are:

$40 / Students $20 / under 10 Free


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