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Purchase tickets for Puccini’s “Madama Butterfly” June 1st or 2nd.

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Performing Arts Organizations are falling prey to the economy, the mores of changing demographics, an administration that is indifferent to the arts, and a general apathy toward live performance. In short, Opera and Classical Music are dying!


But, You Can Help Fight Back...


     While we at Hudson Opera Theatre are always grateful to receive monetary donations, there is another way you can help us stay afloat in these tough financial times. This  season, if you’re planning a trip to the opera by yourself, just bring a friend. If you’re coming with a significant other, bring another couple. If you’re bringing your grandchild, get your friend to bring her grandchild, too. If everyone who comes to the opera brings someone who wouldn’t have come otherwise, we would be able to defy the odds and actually run “in the black”!


    What does this mean for you?


    Lower ticket prices; more and better shows; sharing the experience with a friend; introducing this magnificent art form to a new audience; knowing that, in some small way, you have made a major contribution to keeping the arts alive for one more generation!...


Thank you.




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