OPINIONS Since the local newspapers, radio and TV stations no longer see the necessity of placing knowledgeable reviews in front of the public, we thought we’d ask our patrons what they thought of our productions. So, if you’d like to share your views of a production of ours that you’ve seen recently, we’d love to hear from you. It can be a review of the whole production or just a comment about something that particularly caught your attention. While we would like our writers to be perfectly honest and not sugar-coat anything, we would hope that articles would be written tastefully and that any criticism that is offered be offered in a constructive way. We reserve the right to edit submissions for length, accuracy and content. Tap here to see a sample edited review. Thanks for your interest.





    Judith Granger, Manhattan, NY


    It’s astonishing what you can find in the country. We’re the “Spring weekends—full Summer—Fall weekends” type of country folks, lucky enough to spend that much time at our little vacation house here in the Hudson Valley, and we thought we had discovered every gem the area had to offer. Then we stumbled upon live opera, in the round, in Monroe NY. That’s where a tiny, first-class opera company (Hudson Opera Theatre) is still offering opera performances that are stunningly beautiful, artistically legitimate, and a ton of fun. The audience is seated, essentially, in the midst of the action, the excellent orchestra merely feet away. La Bohème in June was wonderful. Actually, the little snacks offered free at each intermission were worth the relatively low price of admission. Go, and take your friends.




ROMEO AND JULIET — September 17, 2017

    by Daniel P. Monahan, Stony Point, NY


    I love ballet, but It was quite a pleasure to hear the Romeo and Juliet played without the intrusion of dancers so that all the focus was on the music itself. I loved the explanations of the music that appeared on the TV screen, but I had to continually crane my neck to see it. There has to be a better way to do that in the future. The orchestra played some bits really well and with a lot of enthusiasm. Clearly, they are a fine group of musicians, but I couldn't help but think that they probably would have benefitted from a couple of more rehearsals. But I guess we can't complain, being that it was a free (by donation) concert.



LOVED LA BOHÈME — June 4, 2017

    by Carolyn Tyre, Marlboro, NY


    I just wanted to say that I loved the La Bohème in the round. The voices were so lovely, and the acting was very natural, but being in the round, I felt like I was peering in through the window. I felt like I was practically in the room with the characters and part of the action. I admit I cried at the end. I hope these operas continue.



BEST ‘LA BOHÈME’ EVER — June 3, 2017

    by Malcolm Dutton, Warwick, NY


    I've been going to the Metropolitan opera all my life and I've seen this opera a dozen times, but today I felt like I had seen it for the first time. The translation on the phone was a great idea and easy to follow. I don't know where these singers come from, but they're great. Every one of them is a gem. And it's so impressive when the chorus suddenly starts to sing at the beginning of the second act. You don't even know they're there and suddenly the room is filled with sound. And the food was great.



BOONDOCKS ‘MERRY WIDOW’ — February 12, 2017

    by Anna Maria Ciccoglione, NYC


    When my friend dragged me out to the boondocks to see an operetta, I wasn't too keen on the idea. After all, I've lived in New York City all my life and I've seen the best of them, why would I have to go over an hour to the country to see an operetta? But from the moment I walked into the room, I was delighted. The room was decorated to look like a swanky party was going on and I was one of the guests. Champagne, cheese and crackers (and it was good cheese), hors d’oeuvres and fruit, and the opera hadn't even begun. Then this little man walks out and starts conducting an orchestra of 12 that sounded like the philharmonic. I was mesmerized. The singing was fabulous and the show was a stitch. My girlfriend and I laughed the entire time, AND all the way home. This group is a jewel. Go see their next show. Only I don't know when that is, because they don't advertise in the City.



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