Hudson Opera Theatre

proudly presents

its beautiful new cook book!...

Twenty wonderful dinner menus,

each representing a major opera...


For each of the twenty operas...

—A description of the opera, beautiful full-color artwork, and reproducible dinner menu

—A delicious themed menu consisting of dishes related to the history and locale of the opera

—Complete recipes, list of ingredients, and cooking instructions for all the dishes (some from Maestro Ron De Fesi himself)


“...such a handsome and interesting volume, and I might add, my husband loved the asparagus and mushroom soup.”

Dolly Knight


“It’s like a story book AND a cook book in one. I love it!”

Adele Heimowitz


“...the pictures, the stories, the layout, everything is beautiful. And it’s big. I don’t have to squint to read it. And, of course, the recipes! Thank you, thank you.”

Madeleine La Pierre


Donation only $20*

Makes a great gift, too!






* Note: There is a $3.50 Postage and Handling fee on on-line purchases. Please allow 2 weeks delivery time. Shipping to US and Canada only.



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